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Modeling belts are pieces widely used by women who have all types of bodies. Being specially made to give a more defined shape to the silhouette, accentuating the feminine curves, they are also ideal for those who want to correct their posture. Thus, waist trainers have been very consumed, since the models of more daring modeling belts, over clothes, came back with everything. But in addition, it is possible to find straps of the most diverse colors, models, types of closure and model

So, to think about the ideal choice of yours according to your preferences and needs, we present some important information about a waist trainer for you to keep an eye out when buying one. 

How to choose the best shaping belt?

Choosing the best shaping belt will depend on each person's taste, in addition to the definitions of sizes and models available. Considering factors such as the type of closure, the level of compression and the materials of production of the part is fundamental, as they define the type of fit that the product will have in the body.  

Shaper belts offer a wide world of different model options. Thus, it can cover a wide variety of people, who can opt for models such as body or corselet. Some models are more visible than others, so the choice will also depend on the combination of clothes and preferences of the user. In order to have a result in terms of compression of the abdomen region, high-waisted belts or even shaping panties are recommended. For the entire torso region, the best option would be the body strap, which goes from the shoulders to the groin, closing the entire region. Below we will see more about each model.

Waist trainer wrap-style shaping belt: ideal for shaping the abdomen

The most used modeling belt to define the abdomen region, pressing the belly fat and marking the curves is the waist trainer wrap. Practical to be fitted, it is also easy to be removed, being used even daily by those who prefer this model.

Corselet-style shaping belt: great for enhancing the breasts

Perfect for correcting posture, corselet-style straps are an ideal option for those who want to enhance the breast region more, in addition to achieving torso structuring. They are similar to abdominal straps, but offer straps that protect the upper body region, defining the hip region as well.

Body-style shaping belt: perfect to enhance the contour of the entire torso

Body-type shaping belts are the most variable on the market, as they offer several possibilities, such as models with or without a cup, in addition to a rim that shapes the breasts and elevates them. The bodysuit allows the whole body to be well defined by the piece, outlining the curves from the hips to the breasts.

Waist and thigh trainer-style shaping belt: excellent for shaping the buttocks and reducing the culottes

Made to define not only the abdomen region, but also the buttocks and thighs. Thus, waist and thigh trainer they shape the belly and value the butt. There are options with openings at the bottom, which are recommended because they are more hygienic and also more practical, since those who use them do not need to remove the entire piece to go to the bathroom.

Panty-style shaping belt: ideal for lifting the butt

The shaping panties are perfect for those who want a model that does not mark their clothes and, in addition to defining the buttocks, can also define the region of the lower abdomen. It can be used with any piece of clothing, as it is very easy to cover and combine.

Choosing the color of the shaping belt will depend on the user's intentions of using the piece. So, if you think about using the belt showing it over your clothes, you usually prefer colors that match your clothes. For a result where the belt is hidden, more discreet pieces, such as in beige colors, are the choice. 
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