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Important in any woman's look, women shoes fascinate and say a lot about our personality! Do you want to know which women's shoes are all about you, which shoes you need to have in your closet and also help to create incredible productions with each one? So come with us! 

Sandals for the hottest days!

Sandals with heels or without heels, basic or refined, for the day-to-day look or for work. Does not matter! There are several options of sandal models for all occasions and styles! 

  • Low Sandals: basic and stylish - The flat sandals are loved by women of natural / sporty style. 
  • Tractor Sandals: the urban trend - If you like to dare, you need to know the tractor sandals! These fashionable sandals are super comfortable and emphasize the urban and rebellious look! 
  • Heeled Sandals: a charm for the feet - For those who need heels, but do not want to give up comfort and stripping, the wedge is a great option!  

Scarpin: from classic to traditional style

The pumps are a classic and timeless female shoe model, almost indispensable in every woman's closet! He looks good at a job interview, at a corporate event and even at parties. It is also a super versatile piece and easy to combine, like the ones on the Shoessee website! 

  • Nude Pumps - The nude pumps is a super classic. The neutral tone makes it easily combinable in any look. Key to the refined style women's wardrobe. 
  • The Black Pumps - The black pumps are the face of classic and more traditional women, as they bring a lot of elegance and a more serious and well-behaved look. 
  • High Heel Pumps - If you want to abuse sensuality, bet on the pumps with very thin and high heels. Sexy style women love it!

Boots: winter passion

Boots are always on every woman's wish list and are a winter trend. In their various models, they appeal to all styles and value production even more! 

  • Ankle Boots - Ideal for taller women with thin ankles, ankle boots can also be used on days with warmer temperatures.
  • Over the Knee Boots - Over the knee boots are boots with a long barrel, which pass from the knee. They are super stylish, give a very sensual look and are the face of women with sexy style!

Women's sneakers: comfort and style

Tennis is always very welcome in the productions of women of natural / sports style, as they always seek a comfortable and practical composition. Combine a pair of jeans, a tank top and a sneaker with style and be ready to rock your day-to-day without losing comfort! 

  • High sneakers - Also bet on high-top sneakers, they are charming with skinny pants, leather jacket, jeans or even skirts and shorts. 
  • Platform Heel Sneakers - The look of the day can be ripped jeans, a shirt and sneakers! If you want to dare even more, abuse the accessories! 
  • Printed and Creative Sneakers - For women of creative style, who love everything that is bold and out of the ordinary, sneakers are often a wild card. 
  • Tennis and Tailoring - Tennis can also come in the most serious looks! Refined style women love tailoring pieces.
  • Oxford Shoes - A beautiful trend that remains strong is oxford. It brings a more serious look to the look, but at the same time very modern.

Sneakers: comfort and casualness

Another female shoe that is super comfortable and brings a casual elegance to the look is the sneaker. These shoes are not lacking in the romantic style woman's closet. The round beak models bring the delicacy of these women. The sneakers can be combined with short dresses of light fabric and skirts. 

  • Pointed toe Sneaker - Traditional women, who value elegance, can also abuse this type of shoe when they want to give high heels a break. 

Stylist's tip is: use what makes you feel good and comfortable! If a shoe is a trend, but has nothing to do with your style, forget it! There will always be an amazing model like minimalist sandals that suits you and your personality! 
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