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There are pieces that deserve to receive the position of indispensable in women's closets, and that's because they are able to compose looks of the most varied styles and for all occasions, we're talking about Women's Blouses and Dresses. All the modern woman needs is to decide the look of the day in a practical way, making sure that she will leave the house well dressed. For this, it is not necessary to have an infinite number of pieces, just have the right pieces and make the right choices
From the most classic models to the most fashionista styles, women's cute blouses and dresses are essential. With them, it is possible to create more relaxed looks or a look in line with work, ensuring the necessary elegance for both everyday and special moments. So, check out some tips on the best ways to wear women's blouses and dresses. 

  • Classic striped blouse with pencil skirt ensures a foolproof look for the office look.
  • The white blouse is a wildcard of the look and stands out used with leather pants or skinny black pants, a basic combination, but super stylish. 
  • Floral blouse with plain skirt, this look is for the romantics, demonstrates femininity and at the same time elegance. 
  • How about opting for a dotted blouse with a godet skirt? A feminine look and full of attitude! In this case, to gain even more elegance, invest in high heels.

The women's blouse is usually the starting point for the day's production, so it is a very important piece in a woman's closet. Discover the Berrylook Store blouses and be enchanted by the beauty of the details.


Dresses are a good option to give that varied in the everyday look - usually composed of the classic combination between blouse and pants. And if you still lack reasons to wear the darlings of women's fashion, check out below why they should no longer be missing from your wardrobe. 

  • For all seasons
The statement that dresses are versatile pieces is as sincere as possible. That's because even a summer dress can become an alternative for frosty days – as long as you pay attention to accessories, such as tights and a warm coat. But it is clear that some models will fall better in certain seasons of the year - and in others, not so much.

  • When it's time to match it with the shoes...
There are no major concerns, as the dresses fit well with boots or flats. In the case of polo dresses, even better: depending on the model and the occasion, even sneakers with a more social touch fit perfectly. And the same rule applies to accessories: belts, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and others – you choose them!

  • Partner for any occasion
Polo dresses, once again, stand out. That's because they literally fit in with any everyday occasion. Going to the mall, college, work, the park or even a tennis match become options with the wild piece on the body. In addition, the versatility of the piece also makes it a great weekend dress. You know that hit and come back on the beach that you have no idea what to bring? That's right: here's a great opportunity to carry your polo dress models.

  • The comfort
The cheap maxi dresses bring the incredible feeling of freedom and comfort. If on the one hand the pants suffocate us, the dresses are light, have the most pleasant touch and a fit that enhances the feminine sweetness. And among the favorites, there it is: the comfortable polo dress. Because they are a little longer and not as tight, they promise to further enhance the features mentioned above.

  • How about a simple cardigan?
For the coldest days – or for night situations – there's nothing better than combining the dress with a cool jacket, right? In this sense, once again the polo dress stands out: with it, we can combine trench coats, cardigans, jackets and any other coats that are simple and as versatile as the polo dress. 

  • Emphasis on female curves
There are days when all women want is to enhance the feminine beauty that lives inside them – isn't that right? In this sense, dresses once again become great allies, as they give women everything they need to feel comfortable, safe, light and, of course, feminine. Given these tips, you might also be thinking that the time has come to give your dresses wardrobe a makeover – even including some new dress models.

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