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Think of a versatile, beautiful and super-comfortable outfit. If you didn't see the image of a women top or t-shirt in your head, you still don't know the benefits of these wonderful pieces, which are here to stay for good. Also known as a female blouse, the t-shirt has become as important an item as jeans in the women's wardrobe. And who doesn't like a practical piece

Women top is ideal for everyday looks. They go with everything, whether it's with shorts for the most casual summer productions, or with pants and jackets for the coldest days.  And the printed t-shirts are perfect to compose modern and stylish productions. When combined with overalls, they leave your look full of glamor and personality. It also became a trend to combine the piece with a midi dress. So, be sure to check out the printed t-shirts and women's tops to guarantee yours.

Women's t-shirt and tops are a bet on the practicality and comfort of one piece

As you know, trends come and go. Over time, the fabric, format and even small details change, but certain pieces return to stores and for public consumption. This is the case with women's shirts and trendy womens tops. The trend “Athleisure + elegance = chic comfort”. The idea is to wear a look that's professional enough for work, but super comfortable for yoga as well as perfect for sitting on the couch. 

Therefore, it is necessary to choose soft, loose and wide fabrics. In recent years, there has been an increase in the consumption of soft clothing. And in 2020, it increased by 185%. With this idea, betting on women's tops and t-shirts can be a great solution for those who want to be charming and relaxed.

How to assemble looks?

“It depends on the personality of each one”. One strategy is to use the high low concept, that is, to compose with more elegant accessories and complementary pieces. If the idea is a very sophisticated look, it's worth investing in pieces with other fabrics such as velvet, sequins, lace and satin. For those who love cotton, you can get vibrant colors, localized prints, embroidery, patches and customizations that will make the looks even more fun. 

Bet on accessories, such as belts, glasses, bags, fanny pack and a mix of necklaces. T-shirts with shorts, jackets, fishnets, pants, platform sandals, combat boots or sneakers can also rock any occasion. 

Women's top and t-shirt with cat print

Women's cat-print tops have popped up a lot and are easier to wear if you don't want to be ~filled~ with cuteness. It can also be complemented with more classic pieces so as not to draw so much attention, in addition to appearing in several streetstyle looks. Maybe they are the darlings of the trend! 

  • More printed blouses deserve more neutral pants, so the glamor of the blouse is not erased with other pieces.
  • Romantic looks deserve cute cats. 

How power are women's tops and t-shirts in the women's wardrobe?

Wearing a basic t-shirt or women's top does not imply a basic look. Today, shirts have gained a more charming air and have become fashionable pieces. Although it is typically associated with a casual piece, it can be used to give an “up” to the look, transforming a casual look into a fashion look. 

The t-shirt, was raised to the level of an indispensable piece in the wardrobe, and can be worn by women of all ages. Using creativity, incredible looks can emerge with the use of the piece. Women's t-shirts and tops from stores like Ninacloak, invaded the streets and are already considered irreplaceable pieces in women's closets. So, they can be used in any way, making a rock or romantic style, anything goes. 
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