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Do you know Kameymall? Because if you don't know what it's about, you're missing out on huge advantages and benefits when you buy your products.

Kaimei Mall (name in english: Kameymall) it is an e-commerce platform created for the international market by Chenjia Trading Co., Ltd. Considered and known by sellers as the "international version of Taobao".     

Kameymall is an excellent online retail and wholesale store that produces in factory clothing, shoes, wigs, outdoor sports gear and many other high quality products and accessories, all of which are chinese products. The site sells on a large scale to buyers worldwide using a commission system, including charging fees only after the transaction has been successful between the buyer and seller.

Thus, the brand has been operating in the wholesale and retail market for 20 years, expanding its import and export throughout Europe and the United States. Therefore, Kameymall's mission is to serve its customers very well. But despite the brand's existence for years, the platform was founded only in 2021, reaching customers and buyers in more than 220 countries and regions, and covering 30 top-tier industries, including apparel, 3C, home furniture, accessories, etc.

Among sellers and suppliers, the main products offered are: clothing and apparel, mobile communications, shoes and bags, beauty and health, jewelry and watches, consumer electronics, computer networks, home furniture and automobiles Motorcycle accessories, lamps, etc. Everything of great quality, style and good taste for the demanding buyer who is never disappointed.

A reliable and technological platform

The site's technology, on the other hand, is well-known B2C in China, supported by experts in e-commerce, which brought together the elite of international commerce and the leading internet industry. It has a large supply chain, in addition to an efficient logistics system.

Therefore, a team of professionals in the field of international business with a lot of competence and internet research resources enable Kameymall to offer suppliers and buyers efficient, fast and high quality services.

As for the website, it is dynamic and easy to access to show coupons, with the best in clothing, decorative objects, as well as sports accessories, gifts and everyday use. There is also a 24-hour Customer Service and a Help Center available, in case anyone needs to ask a question or has doubts about their purchases and products.

Furthermore, to make it easier, you will find in a practical and separate way all the categories with the products and objects you need. Also, don't forget to purchase your coupon to make your purchases much more advantageous, earning unbelievable discounts.

How is the purchase process?

1. Click Join member, register and sign in.
2. Get the cuopon on the front page.
3. Search the goods you need.
4. Choose specification and quantity then click buy now.
5. Click Select to add new addresses, then choose shipping company and payment method.
6. Click cuopon to use it.
7. Click Pay Order.
8. Input bank payment, order information to pay.

Also you can close your order. If you have any questions, you can click customer service to consult.

New users can directly get $10 for universal.

    US$20 off on US$300
    US$25 off on US$500
    US$40 off on US$1000

Therefore, through the promotions, objects and accessories granted, Kameymall builds international brands that offer new opportunities, providing the best and most competent shopping channels, so that consumers can take advantage of complete services, obtaining information about the product to buy it cheaply, but with a lot of quality. 

Remembering that the company's strength mainly includes sports shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, decorations and other products that are sold in Europe, America, Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Kamey mall has lots of promotion, discount and flash sale activities from time to time. 
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