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Men's vintage style came with everything. Retro is here to stay, rescuing pieces used in the past and adapting them to contemporaneity, with an “old but gold” touch. The men's vintage clothing manages to show that modern is not only what refers to the time you live in, but the way you open your mind to put together pieces from different times.

Are you one of those who want to start using this style, but don't know where to start? So continue the text check out some tips!

How to adopt the masculine vintage style?

To start using the vintage style, first, you need to know the most common pieces and identify which ones you like and match your way of being. A good tip is to take a look in your parent's, grandparent's or an older person's closet — there you can find really cool clothes and accessories that you've never noticed before and that adorn your wardrobe.

So, check out the clothes, accessories and shoes you can mine to make up your vintage masculine style!

Plaid shirt

We start with a practical piece that you probably have or can easily find in any store. The plaid shirt gained prominence in the 90s with the grunge movement and, since then, it has become everyone's darling. The piece is popularly known for its lumberjack style. One suggestion is to use it in casual compositions, with jeans and a T-shirt without prints. So, you put together a basic look, but stylish.
Vest and tie

The vest and tie are elegant and social pieces in the men's wardrobe, but they can be used in a relaxed way to assemble a vintage composition. Ties — especially the butterfly style ones — and vests worn with jeans or basic clothes add a special touch to the look, making it much more modern. Try overlapping colors, alternating the blouse and accessories with contrasting colors. For example, buttoning a black vest over a white blouse or a colorful tie over a denim shirt.


The suspenders are accessories that evidently refer to older times and give a lot of style to whoever wears them. In addition, they can be used in both casual and more sophisticated looks. Have you tried using them with shorts and denim fabric shirts? Feel free, too, to dare in the colors of the suspenders.


This is another elegant accessory that gives a more mysterious look to a man. If you want to vary the cap in a look, how about trying a beret to make it much more stylish — and even more retro?


Moccasin is a shoe of North American Aboriginal origin, often used in the past to warm the feet on cold days. In the beginning, it was made with moose skin, in order to have greater thermal insulation. Today, it is found in several materials (especially suede), and it is a great option to assemble a variety of looks that match any occasion.


If you prefer a more classic and less rebellious vintage fashion, the sweater can bring elegance to men's costumes. Despite being a piece to be used more on cold days, the sleeveless option can be an alternative for those who want to make an overlay on mild days.
Flower power

The hippie movement, started in the 1960s and popularized in the 1970s, had as one of its manifestations the use of floral prints and mens casual tops in fashion. Reviving this influence has been hit summer after summer among men. Although men's wardrobes used to focus mostly on discretion – for cultural reasons in the past – the tip for the use of floral prints with a vintage touch is “the bigger the better”. In order not to leave the look too loaded, bet on the print on the top, with flowered button-down shirts combined with neutral bottoms.

These are just a few suggestions on how to build a masculine vintage style, thinking about the past and adapting some of its characteristics to everyday life. With research and creativity, any man is able to build unique styles based on the clothes that made the heads of our grandparents and great-grandparents, bought pieces at great online stores like Soinyou, which specializes in style and has all the best clothing and accessories to offer. 
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