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When we think of lingerie trends, we hardly aim for a functional and comfortable piece, right? As much as we use underwear pieces every day, many of us still relate lingerie to an uncomfortable and not versatile piece. But believe me, your relationship with lingerie doesn't have to be that hard, because between us, comfort and well-being have to be priorities in our productions, now more than ever. 

And surprisingly, recently, several trends that prioritize comfort began to appear in the lingerie world, mixing the great of both worlds and offering us a best comfortable bra, in addition to being chic, is completely amazing and practical. She doubts? So check out the 5 lingerie trends that are surprisingly super comfortable below: 

1 - Cotton Panties
You know those super comfortable and cool panties that we usually wear to sleep or when we're in those days? Well, believe it or not, but it became a trend in the underwear world, and between us, nothing could be more fair, since the piece is one of the most used and loved in the world. Because they are made from natural fiber, cotton panties are literally the best panties possible, as they let you breathe.

2 - Triangle-Shaped Bra
The triangle bra is definitely one of the most comfortable models out there. Ideal for those looking for comfort and medium support, the item is known as the "freest" of bras and because it doesn't have cups, it's great to be worn under more delicate, flat fabric and thinner blouses.

3 - Single Piece
You know those pieces that make you feel instantly chic and very sexy? The lingerie body is one of them. But there's no such thing as "pretty hurts" here, no, the one piece lingerie is comfortable, practical and versatile and can be used by all bodies and on various occasions. Whether in an intimate moment, with yourself, with someone, or with jeans in street style. 

4 - Hot Pants
When we talk about lingerie trends, one of the first that comes to our mind is hot pants. Being those panties with the super high waistband, above the belly button. The trend is much loved in beachwear too, for being chic and very comfortable.

5 - Half Cup Bra
There are many fans of the half cup bra and no wonder! Because the half cup is one of the most practical and beautiful bras you can invest in. Great for all sizes of breasts, especially large ones, it provides high support without being uncomfortable, thanks to the lower rim and absence of cups. Therefore, in addition to the practicality and comfort offered, the half cup is one of the coolest and most chic lingerie trends out there.

Know That:

  • The fabric, in addition to being an indication of the quality of the lingerie, also influences the comfort of the piece. A tip is to prioritize lighter and hypoallergenic materials, which, in addition to allowing free movement of the body, will also prevent allergies and itching.
  • The presence or absence of elastics and seams in comfortable underwear for women. Normally, smooth models, with laser cuts, made without elastic material tend to be more indicated. Thus, the piece will not tighten at the ends or cause itching or allergies through the thread. 
  • Lingerie with lace in its formation should also be carefully evaluated. If the piece is not of quality, it is possible that the material will itch and cause itching.
  • Finally, it is recommended that the person renew their lingerie closet with some frequency. In general, the validity of a panty or a bra can vary between two and three years. This will prevent the pieces from becoming loose, worn and faded, allowing support and protection, without discomfort.

Final Tips

1. Bet on bras with straps and wide sides, as they have better support and help to avoid shoulder and back pain.

2. Models of reinforced and cupless bras are the best choices to ensure comfort in everyday life.

3. Prefer panties with wide sides, as they fit better to the body and still help to model.

4. Buy lingerie in the right size, because if they are too big or too tight, they will not fulfill their function.
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