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Bodysuit, leotard, or whatever you want to call it, is becoming more and more integrated into fashion. Super feminine and versatile, even sexy, the “famous” of the 80s has just returned. Whether on runways, editorials or the streets, it already dominates the minds of glamorous women

Embroidered, laced, printed, or however you like, nowadays it comes in a very democratic way. And that swimsuit look is left only for the beach and after-beach. And being able to be used on any occasion, slimming bodysuit is easily combined with pants, shorts and skirts. And for that tidier look, nothing better than pairing it with a blazer or a jacket. That in addition to warming up, will make the look more glamorous. 

Thus, the bodysuit left the beaches and gyms for good and became the darling of fashion on the streets. Where they're a holdover from the 80s, when gym clothes and videos of Jane Fonda doing aerobics were the trend. 

They came in neon colors, usually plain and without much information, and were originally inspired by ballet swimsuits and tights. In recent years, however, this piece has left the stronghold of dance and the academy and has taken to the streets and loungewear bodysuit. There it became a fever and conquered women of the most different styles. 
As they are tight, the ideal is to coordinate them with wider pieces underneath: baggy shorts (jeans, fabric), pantaloons or wide pants, maxi or circle skirts (tweed, with ruffles, pleated) and so on. The important thing is to always pay attention to the balance of production.

And shapewear, how can it be combined?

As with the bodysuit, when using the shapewear, you will notice the immediate effect of a thinner waist, the compression in the belly, a modeled and uniform hip, with a more rounded appearance, and the buttocks super perky due to the effect of lifting the buttocks. As for the prolonged effect, the result you get with frequent use is body remodeling, improvement in skin texture, and fluid retention.

So, to enjoy all of this in a casual way, and create a perfect fit of certain types of clothes on the body, wear shapewear every day. For basic looks, like jeans and a shirt or t-shirt, shapewear maxi dress and for pants with a very thin or “soft” fabric and in the case of party clothes, then, it is very useful to use. 
The difference in waist, bust, belly and butt is so big that it's impossible to dream of going out to a party without wearing a matching piece of shapewear. In addition, you look super elegant, slimmer and without marks on your clothes.
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