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Although they have been around for a long time, the modeling straps have returned to be successful among the female public, this is because they are sold with the aim of helping to define curves and lose weight. Thus, the modeling straps have different types of models and fabrics, but what they have in common is that they all fully compress the abdominal region around the waist, helping to shape and reduce their size with proper use.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian use and indicate the use of this item. But do the straps really have all these benefits? 

Slimming Bodysuit Benefits
Do you wear a brace? 

The straps really help to shape and reduce the size of the waist. In addition, the use of a slimming bodysuit is essential after a surgical intervention in the abdomen, such as liposuction and abdominoplasty. The proven benefits of the modeling belt are: 

  • Help reduce the waist: When used correctly (without understanding the internal organs), the brace can help to make the waist thinner. 
  • Improves posture: When using the abdominal belt every day, you will notice that your body is no longer curved. In this way, the posture takes on a uniform and straight shape.
  • They help in post-surgical regeneration: Where the modeling brace tends to offer a better rehabilitation with less discomfort, preserving the operated region and thus helping to obtain effective responses. And with its use the dermis gains more rigidity, the posture is firm and the best, the brace will hold the abdominal area that was shaped by the surgical process. 

Types of Slimming Bodysuit

It is possible to find the slimming bodysuit black friday made with different types of materials, such as satin, acetate, acrylic, polyester and nylon. However, regardless of type or number, it is crucial that the individual feels good about using the brace. 

"Nothing about acquiring a size too small than yours and getting sore all the time. Obviously, the strap serves to model the biotype, but it should also give your skin a breather and comfort in use", recommends the orthopedist. Given this, the main types are: 

  • Body: the body is a modeler for the classic body. The structure is similar to that of a bathing suit and, generally, it is made of a thicker fabric, which compresses the skin. Several times, there is a bowl to define and hold the breasts, giving greater attention to the neckline. In addition, the back is in the form of a swimmer, so as not to reveal it with loose shirts or dresses. 
  • Abdominal brace: the abdominal belt is indicated for people who want to relieve the thickness of the belly. The modeler is one of the most used, especially with dresses and pants.
  • Bermuda: the modeling shorts are used for the purpose of relieving centimeters of the legs and belly or to disguise cellulite on display with tighter clothes. Therefore, if you have thick thighs, you can use the shorts to prevent friction between them.
  • T-shirt: the modeling shirt tightens the fat on the belly and also the breasts. However, as it does not have a zipper on the underside, on the opposite side of the body, you must pay attention so that it does not wrap after putting on the clothes. But the benefit of it is that you can go to the bathroom without complications.

How to Choose Your Slimming Bodysuit

Ideally, you should try the Slimming Bodysuit FeelinGirl before using it, as it needs to be comfortable on your body. However, to help you when choosing, we have separated some sizes of straps for different body types:

Size Little: Fits waists from 60 to 68 cm
Size Medium: Fits in waists between 69 and 73 cm
Size Great: Fits 73 to 82 cm waists
Size Extra Big: Fits for waist sizes from 83 to 85 cm
Size XX: Fits waists from 86 to 90 cm.

To measure your waist in the right place, bend your torso to the side and place your hand in the region that bends, this is your waist. 

Among the different materials used to manufacture the modeling straps, some questions may arise about which one to buy. If you are looking for more resistant materials that still help to perspire, the ideal ones are those made with satin or nylon. However, it is necessary to consult the doctor who indicated the use of the brace, so that he can evaluate which is the best option for you.

The use of the abdominal brace is indicated in: 
  • Spine surgery or abdominal organs;
  • Post-surgical plastic surgery, such as abdominoplasty and liposuction;
  • Aesthetic cases to prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat.
However, it is essential to remember that you should not over-tighten your brace, as in addition to increasing blood pressure, a very tight brace can impair breathing, cause reflux and cause great discomfort. 

The main contraindications for the use of the slimming bodysuit are:
  • Pneumopathic patients;
  • High blood pressure patients;
  • Obese and morbidly obese;
  • Allergic to the strap material.
How many hours per day is indicated to use the brace?

The modeling belt should not be used for more than 8 hours a day. "Use the strap during daytime hours only, remember that 2 to 4 hours a day already brings excellent results". In cases of use of the brace for the postoperative period, it is recommended that it be done for 23 hours a day, taking it off only in the bath or for washing, and the period of use can vary between 45 to 60 days.

Risks of overuse

Whether for aesthetic purposes or for postoperative use, it is necessary to use in moderation and, preferably, with medical recommendation. Because the main risks indicated occur due to organ compression, which can cause:
  • Constipation;
  • Indigestion.
In addition, use during sports practice, if it is a very tight model, can bring changes in breathing and generate difficulty in venous return, with risk of swelling in the legs and even varicose veins. "In people with a tendency to develop thrombosis the use of the brace is very risky, due to the natural swelling process with hormonal variation, women retain more or less fluids. The tight brace would prevent the particular region from swelling differently from other regions of the body."

Common Questions
Can children under 18 wear the brace?

Making changes to the body before the age of 18 is very dangerous and can have adverse effects, since the entire physical structure is still in formation. So, if you haven't reached that age yet, you should wait a little longer to use it.

Postpartum Girdle

Pregnant women can use the postpartum belt appropriate for pregnancy, because they help to hold the belly and avoid back pain. Therefore, for pregnant women, the brace should be made with more elastic fabric, without brackets or velcro, which will facilitate in the act of dressing, as the belly increases due to pregnancy. "The use of a modeling belt not designed for pregnant women is strictly prohibited. Because if it is not adapted for the pregnant woman, the risks for the mother and baby are varied. It may cause compression of the uterus, bladder, and even the placenta. and the umbilical cord, putting the baby's growth at risk." 

Is it allowed to use the brace while exercising?

As already mentioned, you must always be comfortable with the use of the double belt waist trainer, so if you feel any discomfort when using the brace during exercises it is best to stop using it. However, if you do not feel any discomfort, doctors do indicate the use of the item.

"The use of the brace during can speed up the burning of some fats which, along with dietary reeducation, will translate into a more lasting benefit. In addition, it can provide some important abdominal flexion-extension limits to prevent injuries. Sense and use the slimming bodysuit for short seasons and choose the exercise to improve posture and replace the long-term benefits of the brace."

Difference Between Slimming Bodysuit And Corset

The same reasoning that applies to the modeling belt, also applies to corsets. Thus, the modeling straps have fins that are more rigid and more flexible than corsets, generally the fins of the straps are made of flexible steel, making the use of the strap more comfortable, allowing you to exercise.

Ways to Thin the Waist Without Using the Straps

However, the use of a shaping belt is not the only way to narrow your waist, following a balanced diet and exercising can help you have your dream abdomen. 

So, check out some ways that can help you narrow your waist without compromising your health: 

  • Exercise your abdominal muscles;
  • Combine exercises with the hula hoop;
  • Take boxing lessons;
  • Consume more oil;
  • Invest in digestive teas;
  • Make use of reducing gel;
  • Have a shaping massage.
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