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New fashion trends are constantly emerging and women from different parts of the world have access to very similar pieces. Thus, with the popularity of social networks, it is possible for a Brazilian to find the profile of a British woman online and use her style as an inspiration to dress, for example. Thus, the technology even allows you to buy fashionable clothes in the same stores in different locations.

Therefore, many of the current trends are inspirations for styles that are on the rise in other countries around the world. So, see what is making you successful now. According to researchers, fashionistas are increasingly aware of what is happening in other cultures, countries and continents to find fashionable clothes and ways to diversify their style.

Where everything, from striking pieces to trends of the season, can be found through the platform on the internet. In view of this, experts sought what is most researched on the five continents to see in which countries people are most looking for inspiration for styles. And here are some of the pieces that cannot be missing in women's wardrobes around the world because they never go out of fashion, check out:

United States

Women's casual dresses are very popular during hot days in the United States. And the best part is that this type of piece works for all body types and also for different occasions. So if the intention is to go out at night or take a day trip, this model is right. To give you an idea, in the last few months, the search for this light and loose model only on Pinterest increased 102%.


The sandals popularly known as "birken", which leave the feet exposed were a classic of the Brazilian summer. And in the heat wave that hit Europe, they also became darlings in Germany. As such, searches for the Germans' "consumer dream" have increased by 840% in recent months. Another thing that has been calling attention there are the looks and accessories that have to do with marine items. With 212% more searches on Pinterest, the classic horizontal lists and the combination of blue and white were the main ones sought in this topic.


The pierced dresses became a hit with the French. Classic, elegant and in a model that values ​​all body types, the demand for the item has increased by at least 262% in recent months. The piece is ideal for a summer day, but it also combines with a work event or a special dinner. Overalls are traditional, practical and elegant. With different prints or models, this type of garment has become essential in every wardrobe, especially with inspirations related to retro fashion.


In Japan, people are leaving skinny pants aside, while interest in pantaloons only increases (+ 60%). Like a wide modeling pants, the focus of this type of garment is to mix sophistication, comfort and style. In addition, the item is timeless, so having one of these in the wardrobe can make anyone fashionable whenever they want.


Sweaters for sale are versatile. In which the piece looks and functions like a "shirt" that, in reality, is to be used as a dress. But although it looks a little informal, it can be used on elegant occasions with the right accessories. In Mexico, people are loving this style, and the search for it on Pinterest has increased by 500%.


No matter the year, leather jackets will always be among the fashion outfits! Because of the cold, the classic pieces became the wardrobe sensation, allowing combinations of the most varied styles. Thus, searches for different models increased by 553% in Argentina.


The flare pants, popularly known as “bell-mouth” were successful in the 70s. Therefore, with the influences of retro on the rise, these models had a makeover and are with everything in Brazil. Searches for these trendy clothes on Pinterest increased 146%.

United Kingdom

A hallmark of British women is elegance, and it would be no different when it comes to trends. In this way, button dresses are making a success of research there (+ 96%). In which with the use of accessories even the most informal models are transformed into chic pieces.


When it comes to prints, the "animal print" is coming back with everything. So, in Australia, for example, the leopard print appears as one of the trends with the highest number of searches (+ 110%) to decorate the garments.


In recent years, minimalist and more discreet trends have been a hit. However, the maximalist style is what is emerging now, and, among the trendy clothes that are part of this, are the maxi dresses. As a way of walking always well dressed, this practical and flowing look is on the rise (+ 377%) in Spain. Where Spanish women are also taking a break from wearing classic blue jeans and focusing on white pants. As a garment that can be used in both winter and summer, it is a trend that promises to be on the list of fashionable clothes (+ 392%) all year.

South Africa

Low boots are the perfect footwear to give any look a lift. In South Africa, women are joining this fashion to create creative and modern looks. Pinterest searches increased by 567%. In addition, berets are also attracting the attention of South Africans.

Tips Before Joining Fashion Clothes

If you liked the trendy clothes that are making a success out there and already want to incorporate all the looks into your wardrobe, stay tuned! Because more important than adhering to trends is knowing how to value your own style. So, if one of these pieces doesn't match what you normally like to wear, don't force yourself to wear it.

Also, some experts even recommend investing at least 80% of the wardrobe in versatile, strategic and basic pieces, which can be combined with each other and never go out of style. Thus, you can invest the remaining 20% ​​in trends, maintaining style without becoming a "fashion victim".

However, if you are the type of person who likes to dare with pumped clothes, this is also the perfect opportunity to experiment. So, start researching ideas on websites, for example, or get inspired by that artist who is a reference when it comes to dressing well.

Another idea is to test different options and combinations in stores with varieties like Holapick. Sometimes you didn't like one of these trendy clothes so much just by looking, but then you realize that it looks great on your body and matches your style. Also, imagine how to use it on a daily basis and how to mix it with other pieces of clothing you already have at home, so that the investment is worthwhile. 
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