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Do you know what are the most comfortable womens flat shoes for work, leisure or sports? So, when choosing these shoes, we always look for some special qualities, right? After all, these shoes are used more often and for many hours at a time, so they need to treat our feet well for the daily journey.

You can't deny that women are passionate about shoes. So, in season, out in season, and with so many options, it is difficult to choose which types of shoes are best suited to keep up with the routine. That's why we've listed the seven best models of women's flat shoes that everyone loves to wear on a daily basis. 

1 - Feminine Slipper

We can say that slipper are wild pieces in the feminine look. There are so many models (slim and rounded toes) and colors (neutral and cheerful tones) that certainly one of them will match practically everything you have in your closet. The slipper offer a casual chic touch to the makeup, for that reason, they fit perfectly into the office look as well. The tip is to have at least one basic model, neutral in color, that goes with everything. Rain or shine, you can't go wrong with the slipper, you'll always look stylish! 

Match it with: Round toe slipper models adding a girlie feel, so use it with dresses, pleated skirts, blouses and t-shirts. The pointed toe is more refined and can be harmonized with dress pants, skinny jeans and a suit-style blazer.

2 - Boot

Boots were seen as specific footwear for winter or for rainy days, but they are also used in summer, and in a super stylish way. A short or medium-length boot, for example, replaces any closed shoe, and it is possible to incorporate it into your everyday look. Whatever the season, the boot is a great choice, mainly because it is comfortable and never goes out of style. The chelsea boots are folksy, the boots add a rocker feel to the look and the mid-length boots have a futuristic feel. All three models can be used casually and in informal work environments. The long boots, over the knee style, are more suitable for winter, but it is still possible to wear them in the heat, as in the ballad, with a short dress. 

Match it with: mid-length boots easily harmonize with vinyl skirts or cropped jeans. Boots combine with short or long slit dresses, while the chelsea boots model, with dry jeans or short dresses with pantyhose.

3 - Sneakers

The day to day often requires us agility and practicality, and keeping comfortable in these moments is essential. Thus, sneakers ensure all this and in a light and fashion way. Some models, such as the skateboarder, sports and platform, invaded the street style and are now incorporated in productions for informal environments and the office. 

Match it with: skateboarding shoes are youthful, so wear them with boyfriend jeans or print dresses. The sports car is minimalist, so harmonize it with tailoring or pantacourt. Platform sneakers, on the other hand, guarantee a chic casual look, for this, midi dresses or little overalls are the most suitable.

4 - Sandals

Many women have high heels as their best friend and manage to get along with them peacefully. Those who don't have this ability, but would like to enhance their look – after all, a few more inches favors not only the look, but also the silhouette – can bet on sandals from stores like Shoessee comfortable for everyday use. The wedge sandal is perfect for casual and romantic looks and comfort is its greatest feature. She can accompany you from work to happy hour at the end of the day with friends. Espadrille is another great choice! 

The thick square-heeled sandal transforms a basic look into an elegant one in just a few seconds. The heel is medium, so it is comfortable and modernizes the look. The ankle boot sandals feature a higher heel than the others and its design resembles an open boot on the front. This model gives a boho chic air to the composition and, like the wedge, is ideal for informal work and for events throughout the day. 

Match it with: use anabela with flowing dresses, lady-like style, already with espadrilles, bet on navy-style pieces, such as flowing shorts and chemise. Thick square-heeled sandals are recommended for social looks, with pantacourts and dresses, and ankle boots can be used with flared shirts and jeans. 

5 - Mule

The mule was a fad in the 90s and references from that decade are in vogue again. Thus, some international brands were responsible for introducing him to fashion again and, as he is a practical and fashion model, he quickly invaded street style looks. Whether flat model or with heels, the mule is suitable for the informal work environment, such as advertising agencies, architecture and fashion offices. For a look with a more mature and professional tone, invest in a model with a heel. 

Match it with: for a youthful look, wear with a pair of dry jeans or shorts. For formal compositions, wear with a blazer and tailored pants.

6 - Oxford Shoe

Widely used in the 40's, this retro model came back with a vengeance and has been very successful both among men and women. It has a more formal feel, but without exaggerating the tone, bringing a lot of style, sophistication and, obviously, comfort. Today you can find many models of Oxford shoes out there, but the traditional model is that low-heeled shoe, with a lace or buckle, in leather. It is such a basic and practical shoe that, depending on its model and material, it can be used both in formal productions and in casual looks. 

Match it with: for a highly stylish makeup on colder days, choose Oxford shoes, boyfriend jeans folded at the hem (this trick will add even more value to the shoe), t-shirt, blazer and silver accessories. If the idea is to create a well-charged look, choose dark shirts and heavy accessories such as chains and hoop earrings. 

7 - Sneakers Shoes

Another super nice option for the feet and eyes, the women's sneakers shoes is a great choice as a work shoe. In addition to being charming, having options and several colors and materials, including leather, this model has that perfect mix between casual and informal. You can go without fear! Women's shoes are the best alternative for those looking for shoes without heels to replace, with great style, the classic flats and flat sandals.

Match it with: this is a fashion shoes for women that combines with different looks, from the simple to the formal ones for work environments. Only avoid the accessory at luxurious parties, occasions when high heels are the best bet.
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