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A few years ago, dressing in clothes identical to someone close to you was considered tacky, bad, or exclusive to twins as children. However, currently, fashion has come to look favorably on looks combined between fathers and sons, especially mothers and daughters.

Among the explanations for this wave is the fact that children look at their parents with admiration and inspiration. Thus, using a cute baby clothes for girls identical is a sign of identification and even growth. It is worth noting that each child must develop their own personality in relation to their style, but that does not prevent, in an event or family outing, the combined look cannot be a good option.

The trend has revolutionized the fashion market and many famous ones have already joined and parade with the same clothes or with the same print as their daughters' clothes. The style has been adopted with aspects ranging from the laid-back to the luxurious. 

The women's clothing market is betting on this new segment, since the clothing companies take advantage of the same prints to manufacture similar clothing. And the result is positive. Moms and children themselves are loving to dress alike. When they see the pieces they get super excited.

But although it seems easy to adopt the combined look, it's always worth observing some important tips:

  • Ideal numbering - It seems obvious, but the charm of the combined look is the print and not the numbering itself. So there is no problem if the dress is longer on you than on the child, for example.
  • Same shoes - Another very interesting option is the combined shoe. Focusing on the same style, model and print is a great way to bring the combined look to everyday life, regardless of the occasion.
  • Combo pajamas - The same pajamas are also on the rise. Although this type of play is not ideal for showing outside the home, the bond between parents and children is intensified with this small action. 

What does this fashion mean psychologically?

The similarities between mommy and me outfits went beyond physical appearance and into wardrobe. To make them even more alike, some mothers have adopted the "like mother, like daughter fashion" and dress in identical clothes. Thus, fashion creates identification and reinforces affective bonds. Also, the joy that mother and daughter feel with something that is so simple is very healthy.

As the child identifies with the mother, she develops, learning to be a girl, to be a woman, there is a development as a person. But, beyond this identification, a joy is perceived behind it, which is very healthy for the affective relationship.

How to combine and use mother and daughter looks?

Many mothers may not like to wear the look exactly the same as their daughters because they don't feel comfortable in more romantic models, which are usually present in these looks or for a personal taste. For these moms the tip is: match the color chart.

Bring to your look colors that will be in your daughter's look, because the combination will happen in the details. Another tip that helps with color combinations is that you vary shades, for example, using shades of blue, pink, etc.

Match only one of the pieces. 

This tip is the simplest of all and it works really well! It doesn't take so much planning with her, as only one piece will be the same or similar in the look of a mother and daughter. The secret is to pick up key pieces that you and your daughter already have and that are similar, it's worth a pair of denim shorts, a jacket, a leggings of the same color and even a more basic shirt.

For the look to be even more similar, you can use the same accessory colors from very cute and qualified stores like Popopieshop, or even the same pieces, it is also worth combining the shoe color and hairstyle.

For moms who want to match looks, we also have tips! The main thing is to choose the modeling well, it shouldn't be too adult for your little one, nor can it make your look childish. Comfortable pieces should also be a priority, after all, children like to play and run around. 
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