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Military and tactical fashion is a style that grows every day. In this way, it transcends the camouflage and brings equipment that unites style, lifestyle and tactical availability. It is a classic that expresses a lifestyle. 

And when we talk about military fashion, we're quoting timeless apparel that was formerly restricted to male audiences and with some deep connection to the armed forces. Only that idea is gone. What we have today are clothes and accessories that present a tactical lifestyle that, not necessarily, is experienced only at work, operation or mission.

But how did military fashion come about? What makes a tactical garment ideal for everyday use?

Hunters and warriors have been around since the beginning of mankind. Whether to feed their group or to fight for territory, men and women needed, in addition to functional equipment and tools, clothing that provided comfort, freedom of movement, protection from low temperatures and the dangers of nature.
So, when men began to organize themselves in small villages, the need arose to create and train people to defend territories, specific places and homes. It is in this context that the idea of ​​the soldier or warrior who needed a different outfit, for example, that of a farmer or normal citizen begins.

Armed conflicts between peoples have become more frequent in the evolution of man. And along with that increase, people started thinking about ways that
mens tactical clothing could be both comfortable and extremely durable. How to make a soldier face countless days in battle and lessen the exhaustion of carrying heavy and uncomfortable clothes?
The great test for military clothing took place at the beginning of the 20th century, mainly between the First and Second World Wars. While, on the one hand, in World War I clothing was totally robust, heavy and armies were in trenches, World War II involved the displacement of soldiers throughout Europe and part of North Africa.

This made countries like the United States, France, England and Germany think of parts that combine comfort, durability and tactical availability for millions of soldiers on the battlefront.

And when did these warriors return to their homes? What happened?

With the return of millions of soldiers home, it was not difficult for these men to start wearing part of the clothing used in daily warfare, in new jobs or in moments of rest. Therefore, in a short time, brands saw a growing market and focused on these people, driving a trade with a global reach.

In addition to soldiers, today we have several professionals looking for clothes and accessories that bring tactical availability and pieces that are literally ready for anything. Pants, shirts, shorts, tactical sweatshirt, jackets that bring comfort, safety and style inside and outside work.

Of these groups today we can mention public safety officers, firefighters, mountain guides, Airsoft operators, high performance athletes as well as collectors, sport shooters and hunters, including young people who identify with these groups, but not necessarily part of them. And something very important: it is not restricted to the male world. For women are increasingly embracing military and tactical fashions. 

It is important to emphasize that, when we think of a military garment, something camouflaged immediately comes to mind. However, this idea comes from someone who doesn't follow the releases aimed at men tactical clothing. For a garment to be considered tactical, it needs to meet an operational need, not just be camouflaged.

Thus, military fashion and men tactical clothing did not just go beyond working time. Because nowadays, it is possible to have a lifestyle, essence and tactical availability in your daily life, without necessarily using only camouflaged clothing, found in top quality specialty stores like Wayrates
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